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Why You Should Consider Professional Teeth Whitening?
10 June 2020

Why You Should Consider Professional Teeth Whitening?

Whiten Your Teeth Professionally

If you’re considering whitening your teeth, the best and safest way to do it is professionally. Teeth can become stained for multiple reasons, such as age, smoking, or diet. It’s better to have a professional assess your needs and choose a whitening treatment that is safest for you. At SJR Dental, we are proud to offer our professional teeth whitening services that will leave you with the smile of your dreams. We can provide our patients with Enlighten® Teeth Whitening treatment, Boutique Whitening or Pola Night Whitening. We’ve put together some of the reasons you should consider professional teeth whitening services instead of trying things for yourself at home.

Quicker And Longer Lasting Professional Results

Teeth whitening at the dentist is quicker and gives longer-lasting results than over the counter products. If you’re whitening your teeth at home, then chances are you could need to do it multiple times before you begin to see effects. Or, you could be wowed by the instant results, and then your pearly whites have faded away a few days later. With professional teeth whitening, you are more likely to get longer-lasting results and you will get them quicker than you would with over-the-counter products.

As per dentalhealth.org here, ‘Dentists can treat you with 6% hydrogen peroxide (the bleaching agent that whitens teeth) – this is nearly 6,000 times stronger than any over-the-counter tooth whitening product.’ This means you will get the best possible results from choosing a professional teeth whitening service like the excellent one we provide at SJR Dental.

Improve Your Confidence With The Results You Want

Professional teeth whitening means you will be left with professional results. There will be no chance of your teeth being left uneven or with areas that are patchy. If you have the results you want, your confidence can improve massively. If you spend money on home teeth whitening kits and the results don’t give you the smile you’re looking for, you could end up left disappointed. Whitening your teeth at home without professional care is essentially DIY and you can’t always guarantee the outcome.

With professional teeth whitening services, the results are longer lasting and you’re more likely to be left satisfied with the end result. View our smile gallery here to take a look at the results of some of our work at SJR Dental.

Protecting Your Teeth With Professional Whitening

When you choose professional teeth whitening, you know that you are protecting your teeth. Your dentist will only use products that are safe and won’t damage your teeth. When you choose to whiten your teeth at home, you can never be sure of the damage you’re doing in the long run. When you choose SJR Dental for professional teeth whitening, you are choosing a guarantee that the product is safe for your teeth. While it is possible to get a ‘decent’ outcome from whitening your teeth yourself, the impact it could have on your oral health simply isn’t worth the risk.

A professional will know exactly how long they should be leaving the product on your teeth for and not put you at risk of teeth sensitivity. If you have dental issues such as a cracked tooth or a cavity, we will pick up on this and customise your teeth whitening to suit your needs.

The Finishing Touch

You may wish to consider professional teeth whitening to add the finishing touches to your new smile. Perhaps you’ve recently had your teeth straightened, either with a brace system, or a tray-based system like Invisalign. The perfect way to add the finishing touches to your treatment would be to consider professional teeth whitening.

There is little point in finishing a professional tooth straightening treatment with an over-the-counter product to whiten them, as things can go wrong and you may not get the results you’re looking for. You should always let a professional dental expert provide the finishing touches to the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Choose SJR Dental

At St Johns Road Dental Practice, we are able to achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of with our teeth whitening services. Let us put that sparkle back into your smile. If you’re looking to whiten your teeth and want to choose a practice you know you can trust to deliver excellent results, get in touch with our friendly team now. Call us on 0116 2707 300 today to book your consultation.

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