Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Enhanced diagnostics using professional imaging technology is essential to identify the exact problem in a patient’s anatomy to make an accurate diagnosis and plan the best treatment. At St Johns Road Dental Practice we are committed to delivering high quality and innovative treatments therefore we are delighted to introduce our in-house Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanner. The CS 8100 3D is the ‘gold standard’ and provides excellent diagnostic imaging using low dose radiation and it is completely non-invasive.

The images produced are in 3D and allow our highly trained specialist dentists to pin-point the position of critical structures in anatomy such as teeth, roots and nerves and differentiate between different types of tissue. We use this technology routinely with our patients when planning advanced dental procedures such as implants or root canal treatments. The technology allows the dentist to not only plan treatment using accurate and detailed images so mistakes are reduced and there is a greater chance of success, but it also puts patients at ease as the images can be used to explain how a procedure will be done. Therefore our dentists can speak to patients more openly about treatments and patients have a better understanding of what the procedure will entail.

We also offer a referral service to other dental practices who wish to use images using our CBCT scanner.

cbct scanner