We just love autumn at St Johns Road..

However, for some of you, autumn’s crisp cold air and sipping a  warm pumpkin spice latte may cause a shock of sensitivity to your teeth. Sensitive teeth tend to be affected by extremities of temperature and tooth sensitivity can be more noticeable as the weather turns colder. As with all dental problems, early diagnosis and […]

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Tooth Graphic

Tooth reshaping

Your smile is the first thing people will notice about you. So if you are unhappy with your smile and the shape your teeth are in, why not get it fixed? Maybe you have a tooth that is disproportionate or that has adapted itself to fit in with the contours of your other teeth. If […]

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Smile Makeover

At St Johns Road Dental Practice, we offer patients a popular treatment known as a ‘Smile Makeover’. Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth or your smile? Does nothing seem to work?… Then a smile makeover is definitely the treatment for you. There are several different dental treatments used in our smile makeovers […]

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Tooth Sketch

Tooth Coloured Fillings

If you think that the only solution to filling in a cavity is with metal fillings then you are wrong. The metal fillings you are used to, have recently been replaced by coloured fillings that match the colour of your tooth so that they are hardly even noticeable. Natural tooth coloured fillings are the latest […]

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Oral Health Examination

An oral health examination is a major component of our practice. This is composed of a discussion, an oral examination which may include taking x-rays, and the drawing up of a treatment plan. The examination involves your dentist examining your mouth and teeth to check for a multitude of things such as the alignment of […]

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